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When Matrix Office Interiors went Trendy

June 26, 2017

We recently unveiled our brand new Trend segment, which we are dedicating to you, our readers. We want to make our Office design, less jargon, and more people-cultured, more human. So we have decided to furnish our website with a few more homely interiors, to create a cosier setting to explore, and digest Matrix Office design. We will be integrating our clients and customers into our furniture conversations. Office design, after all, begins and starts with people.

Matrix will be bringing you round-ups, conversational reads and, visual stories. Office solutions that are building a better, more efficient workplace culture. We hope to deliver content that will positively impact our client’s, to represent their employees as valued people, and their workplace contentment as a marker for measuring business performance. This begins with functional, adaptable, office design that is flexible to its users and encourages physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of its people.

So let us begin, we look forward to getting to know you. Drop us a message whenever

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