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Our Green Policy

Matrix Office supplies IVM products that use EPFS panels for 100% of its production, which contain just half the percentage of formaldehyde emissions permitted by current legislation. Emissions from formaldehyde are one of the most common slow-release interior pollutants that can contaminate both domestic and the working environment. That is, all of the places we frequent the most … and longest. Formaldehyde is a devious and invisible enemy.

We also use environmentally certified panels according to the ISO standards. The FSC brand identifies products containing wood from certified forests, that is, forests managed in a correct and responsible manner, in line with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Protecting your health is the main, but not the only reason that IVM uses virgin wood panels with the EPFS mark.
Virgin wood panels contain a greater percentage of fibres, with a positive effect on the mechanics of the finished product. It means:

  •  Clear aesthetic quality
  •  better grip for screws, hinges and joints
  •  better wear resistance over time
  •  greater resistance to weight and impact.

That’s why the quality of materials ensures long term reliability of products.

Our products also use paper weighing 120 g/m2 for all covers, double that used to cover a standard panel. This choice means: an extremely natural feel; greater resistance to wear; and visible aesthetic quality.

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