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Health & Safety

A positive and safe working environment creates the right conditions for motivating and inspiring people.

A well-planned office space with high quality furniture can help people perform to the best of their ability. Matrix Office has a commitment to health and safety and these factors are carefully taken into consideration when designing, manufacturing, planning and installing an office furniture solution. During the planning process, the project consultant will design and lay out the furniture in the most ergonomic fashion, ensuring there are no obvious hazards and people can move about freely and logically in their office environment.

In particular, our office seating is designed to reflect health and safety requirements and reduce the risk of injury. An average person spends in excess of 9 ¼ hours a day at work and a significant portion of this time can be spent sitting on a chair or stool.

Matrix Office offers a range of high quality chairs, designed to withstand prolonged use. For instance, our 24-hour use chairs (for use on a continuous 24-hour shift system) have been rigorously tested and are made with durable materials that have passed a 500,000 rub test. Our desks can also be electrically height adjusted in order to gain the optimum position for working.

Our close attention to health and safety is seamlessly incorporated into the design of our products so they increase the users’ productivity whilst remaining functional, stylish and durable.

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